frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A home away from home

Does the MRH cater only to Roman Catholic groups? All religious denominations, schools and community groups are welcome.

Is the MRH a hotel/guest house? No, it is not. The house is tastefully laid out but it offers only basic accommodation facilities.

What is your rate/deposit policy? Please contact us for current information on rates and deposits.

Can an individual stay at the MRH? Unfortunately no, the house was specifically designed for groups and we currently do not cater to individuals.

What should we bring for a stay at the MRH? Bring your food, drink, towels, bed linens and toiletries. Note however that on request (and at extra cost) we can provide bed linens for small groups.

Do you provide meals? The MRH does not provide meals. However a fully-equipped kitchen is available to guests (at no extra cost) for preparation and serving of meals. A fee will be charged for professional catering services (employed by groups) wishing to utilise the kitchen facilities.